BALTIMORE, MD | JANUARY 29 - 30, 2019

The Most Important Numbers

30 Jan 2019
1:45 pm - 2:45 pm
Main Stage

The Most Important Numbers

Data, metric, measures, assessments, evaluations, scorecards, progress reports… We are all faced with a whole host of measurement opportunities.
But how do we decide what metrics give us the most important for us, as business owners and department heads?

In this session, industry expert, Judith Miller shares the most important metrics for you to measure. Following the maxim, “What gets measured gets done,” Miller will show you how top remodelers from across the country use these important metrics to drive performance through the roof.

You’ll learn:

  • The 2 numbers that matter throughout the life of your company;
  • What numbers are most important at your current stage of growth;
  • How to read a Balance Sheet and Income Statement quickly and easily;
  • What job cost reports should tell you.